Webinar: Ask Rabobanks top executive woman Renée van Geel-Korsten about her journey

Tip 18-11-2020 15:36 (1 week geleden) Chaima Masouti
  • Financiële administratie

Rabobank organiseert 14 december een webinar special voor Statushouders. Dit is een kans om in aanraking te komen met de Rabobank op een professionele manier.

When? 14 December 2020 (the deadline for subscription is December 10!, via: https://refugeetalenthub.com/activiteiten/ask-rabobanks-top-executive-woman-renee-van-geel-korsten-about-her-journey

Time: 12:00 – 13:00

Where? Online: Microsoft Teams. To join the meeting you need internet connection and a laptop/phone.

On the Webinar Renée van Geel-Korsten’s career journey – Her climb to Senior Lead Recruitment and Matching

Hear from our Senior Lead on her career journey from Philips Morris Benelux to Rabobank. Renée is a positive and passionate career-oriented lady leading a team of 68 people recruiters and matchers at Rabobank. No one can balance private and professional life better than her – she’s always open to ideas and makes every single one of us feel heard. Her passion for Rabobank’s mission “Growing A Better World Together” is evident through her work with Enactus where she mentors students. The meaningful cooperative pillar of Rabobank is very close to her heart and Renée pushes the team to think out of the box.

Interested? Register now! The deadline for registration is December 10! Click here To join the meeting you need internet connection and a laptop/phone.